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Packing Service

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1.Request packing service over the phone, So we can helpyopu to understand the process and the amount that packing materials needed. 2.Get professional removals and packing supplies delivered to your house.3.Meet the packers and movers and let them handle the packing4.Get our Movers to help you move to your new location. ( we are the Movers & Packers)


Full Packing Service
With close to a decade of experience, our skilled teams are adept and proficient in all types of packing from the smallest of ornaments to the largest of items. We will prep everything from your domestic or business property with maximum efficiency and meticulous attention to detail.

Unpacking Service
Once we unload your belongings, we will unpack absolutely everything, so you don’t have to. Waste removal is included in the unpacking service, as we are licenced by the UK’s Environmental Agency. If you are relocating in London, we can arrange additional professional cleaning services for your home or office.

Please kindly see the House Movers packing materials list.



1 Bedroom Package: 1x Offcuts paper, 1x shrink Wrap, 1x Bubble Wrap, 20x Small boxes, 10x Medium boxes, 10x Large boxes, 1x Mattress cover, 3x Tapes.. (£155.00)
2 Bedroom Package: 1x Offcuts paper, 2x shrink Wrap, 2x Bubble Wrap, 20x Small boxes, 20x Medium boxes, 10x Large boxes, 2x Mattress cover, 6x Tapes.. (£226.00)
3 Bedroom Package: 1x Offcuts paper, 2x shrink Wrap, 2x Bubble Wrap, 20x Small boxes, 30x Medium boxes, 20x Large boxes, 3x Mattress cover, 6x Tapes. (£270.00)

Additional packing and wrapping materials:

Small Boxes: (18X12X12) Plates, Cups, Books etc.

Medium Boxes: (14X14X14) Clothes, Toys, Shoes etc.

Large Boxes: (24X18X18) Bed linen, Frames, Printers etc.

Wardrobe Boxes: (20X18X50) Suits, Dresses, Coats, Jackets etc.

Storage/Archive Boxes: (379mmX279mm) Files, Books, Stationaries.

Offcuts Paper: (500 papers per pack) Wrapping purposes for Dishes, Tableware , China etc

Shrink Wrap: (750mmX100m) Wrapping furnitures to protect it from dirt and dust.

Bubble Wrap: (750mmX50m) TV, Furniture, Artwork, Glass etc.

Tapes/Sellotape: (Pack of 6) Can be used for everything.